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A. E. London

Meet the work of A. E. London a well known Endangered Species Artist who is also a Founding Partner of Build On Hope:  


Thank you Volunteer & Member Advocate  Kellie Mackenroth for all  you do in helping us spread the word. You are a true inspiration to so many.  We  appreciate you and the time that you have given Build On Hope.

Past Partners:

Developer Ron Bergeron and his Assistant Kim Crossley "Thank you for allowing our team access to your cow pastures.  They collected the best manure to make fertilizer for a teaching garden at Rio Vista Community Church.  Build On Hope will equip local students with knowledge of farming with only natural substances.  They will then be prepared to travel to Haiti, Africa and other Third World countries teaching the local farmers these techniques." Patti van Tonder ----

Current Partners:
  • A.E. London - Endangered Species Specialist
  • Kellie Mackenroth